By Faith: Isaac, Jacob and Joseph

By Faith: Isaac, Jacob and Joseph
(Hebrews 11:20-22)

I. Isaac: Trusting God with your children’s future. (Hebrews 11:20)
A. God chose Jacob over Esau before they were born. (Genesis 25:21-28)
B. Isaac gives Esau’s blessing to Jacob. (Genesis 27:1-40)

II. Jacob: Trusting God rather than trying to control people or events. (Hebrews 11:21)
A. Jacob gives Manasseh’s blessing to Ephraim. (Genesis 48:1-20)
B. Jacob worshiped God as he leaned peacefully on his staff. (Genesis 47:28-31)

III. Joseph: Trusting God to fulfill his larger purpose and plan for the world. (Hebrews 11:22)
A. Joseph speaks about the exodus of the Israelites from Egypt. (Genesis 15:13-16, 50:24)
B. Joseph gives instructions concerning his bones. (Genesis 50:25)


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