Hope for This Present Crisis by Dr. Michael Youssef. Our culture may have lost its mind, Dr. Youssef says, but we can still wage war for its soul! Diagnosing the problems, he offers a 7-step prescription for the recovery of the traditional institutions we’ve abandoned, including remembering truth, restoring the soul, revitalizing families, re-establishing the classroom, respecting our freedoms, reforming society, and reviving the church.


What is a personal relationship with God?  God loves you!  Find out more here.


Access free online courses taught by Pastor Greg Laurie. These online courses are designed to encourage you in your faith and challenge you in your walk with Christ. Enroll in a new believers course here.


The secret to encouraging lifelong faith in a child is understanding the Spiritual Stepping Stones that mark his or her spiritual development. The linked material is reprinted from to help parents and grandparents pass along a godly heritage of faith one generation to the next.


One Place is where you can listen to a wide range of Bible teachings to strengthen and encourage you. Listen online or download the app. A few of the Bible teachers I enjoy are: Dr. David Jeremiah (Turning Point), Chuck Swindoll (Insight for Living), Charles Stanley (In Touch Ministries), Dr. James Dobson (Family Talk), and Kay Arthur (Precepts for Life.

My Heart, Christ’s Home is a six-page short story written by Robert Boyd Munger that imaginatively illustrates the concept of fully surrendering our hearts to Jesus. Read a free PDF version: My Heart, Christ’s Home

Pray For Our Leaders!  The Billy Graham Evangelistic Association has produced a guide to help us pray for our leaders.  Access this guide: How To Pray For Our Leaders

Our Daily Bread is a daily devotional to help you grow in your faith.  Access today’s devotion:  Our Daily Bread