Hope for This Present Crisis

Dr. Michael Yousseff in his new book Hope for This Present Crisis, sounds the alarm: “This is our present crisis—not an external threat from terrorists or warlike nations or a viral pandemic, but a decline of faith, truth, and morality. It is hollowing out our society from within.”

Dr. Youssef explains how Critical Theory and “woke” strategies have led many to reject absolute truth and biblical morality. To this threat he offers a seven-step response:

  1. Remember the truth: stand firm for biblical morality on a foundation of “irrefutable evidence.”
  2. Restore the soul: seek the approval of God over others.
  3. Revitalize the family: pray fervently for our children and raise them to know and love God’s word.
  4. Reestablish the classroom: care for public school teachers, know what our children are being taught, and consider Christian schools or homeschooling where necessary.
  5. Respect our freedoms: know our rights, defend the rights of others, and pray for boldness.
  6. Reform our society: seek moral and spiritual purity for ourselves while praying for our nation and sharing the gospel with all people.
  7. Revive the church: demonstrate the forgiving love of Jesus at all times as we “put on the whole armor of God” (Ephesians 6:11) and seek opportunities to share our spiritual gifts.

May we commit to these steps and may we see revival in our homes and in our land!!


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