Desperate Times, Drastic Measures

Desperate Times, Drastic Measures
(Mark 2:1-12)

I. Faithful Friends (Mark 2:1-5)
A. They brought their friend to Jesus.
B. They persevered through obstacles.
C. Jesus forgave their friend’s sin.

II. Condemning Leaders (Mark 2:6-7)
A. They accuse Jesus of blasphemy.
B. “Who can forgive sins but God alone?” (Psalm 130:3,4; Psalm 51:4)

III. Jesus’ Authority (Mark 2:8-12)
A. Jesus’ question: “Which is easier to say?”
B. Jesus’ demonstration: “Arise, take up your bed and walk.”
C. The people’s reaction: “We never saw anything like this!” (John 12:37)

1) Come to Christ for the forgiveness of your sins. (Acts 4:12)
2) Bring your friends to Jesus. (Matthew 28:19)


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