Joseph: An O.T. Illustration of Jesus

Joseph: An Old Testament Illustration of Jesus
(Luke 24:44-45)

I. They were both deeply loved by their Fathers. (Genesis 37:3; Matthew 3:17)

II. They were both hated by their brothers. (Genesis 37:4; John 7:3-5)

III. They were both plotted against. (Genesis 37:18-20; John 11:53)

IV. They were both sold for the price of a slave. (Genesis 37:28; Matthew 26:15)

V. They were both taken to Egypt. (Genesis 37:26-28; Matthew 2:13-15)

VI. They both resisted temptation. (Genesis 39:12; Matthew 4:1)

VII. They were both falsely accused. (Genesis 39:14-18; Mark 14:56-59)

VIII. They were both placed with two other prisoners, one who was saved and the other lost. (Genesis 40:2-3; Luke 23:32-43)

IX. They were both found to be alive! (Genesis 45:26-28; Revelation 1:18)

X. They were both exalted after suffering. (Genesis 41:41-42; Philippians 2:9-11)

XI. They both forgave those who wronged them. (Genesis 50:15-21; Luke 23:34; 1 John 1:9)

Application Questions:
Joseph looks a lot like Jesus. Do you? Is there a family resemblance? Can people tell you are a child of God?


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