Approaching the King of Kings

Approaching the King of Kings
(Genesis 44:18-34)

I. We approach God in attitude by submitting to His authority. (Genesis 44:18)
A. God is our sovereign authority. (Job 38-42; Psalm 115:3)
B. God has rightful and awesome authority. (Luke 12:4-5)
C. Our submission to God’s authority must be totally complete. (James 4:7)
II. We approach God through the action of genuine repentance. (Matthew 4:17)
A. Genuine repentance results in taking full and complete responsibility without blaming anyone or anything.
B. Genuine repentance results in changed relationships, both with God and others
III. We approach God in affection with all our heart, soul, and mind. (Matthew 22:37, Luke 18:7-8)

1. How do you approach God?
2. Have you completely submitted to God’s authority?
3. Respond to God with through repentance and obedience to His Word.



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